Eye Exams

I See Optometry is a full-service primary care optometric practice. We perform comprehensive eye exams for patients of all ages, examination follow ups, field analysis and ocular coherence topographies to name a few.

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Functional vision assessments:

We have been caring for children from OCTC (Ottawa Childrenʼs Centre)’s vision for many years. We take the time to assess visual function, even in the most challenging cases.

Headache/eyestrain related to computer use or reading

The frequent use of computer can cause a visual strain. We carefully assess your visual capacities and make appropriate recommendations based on our findings. We can recommend a specific lens for computer use and reading. This lens enables one to work at the computer without straining the eyes.

Motor-vehicle visual standard testing

We perform eye exams for the Ministry of Transport of any province and for every licence category. We preform onsite Esterman visual field (the specific visual field requested by Ontario and Quebec transport authorities). We also have experience helping patients with low vision safely get their driver’s license.

Application for Police/RCMP/fire department

We have all the necessary technology to assess the candidate’s visual abilities such as specific color vision, visual field and acuities. We can also assist in refractive surgery when myopia is too significant.

Low vision and rehabilitation exam

Our doctors have noteworthy experience with low vision cases. Our optometrists assess the visual function of the patient using visual field analysis’s, visual acuity tests, contrast sensitivity, and make personalized recommendations to improve the quality of life of the patient. We also work closely with CNIB and ADP.